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Dear Heather

This is your Mamaw speaking. There are some things I'd like to tell you. I miss you Honey. I miss that beautiful smile and your laughter. I want you to know that you have made a difference in so many lives. One of them is mine. Thank you Sweetie for passing through my life bringing love and laughter, and for the opportunity of having you as my granddaughter. I thank Jesus for sending you our way. From the time you were born I knew you were a special little soul. Jesus walked with you; it was easy to see. The way you lived and loved life was a wonderful thing to watch. You shared with all of us a very special gift, your love for Jesus. I know you were here as his special messenger and you delivered his message well, little one. I'm very proud of you and proud to be your Mamaw. You will always be in my heart. Even though your passing hurts deeply, your life and your love for Jesus uplifts me. I think of you every day and I miss you. I ask Jesus in my prayers to send my love to you. Well, Sweetie, you wanted to be a Christian rock star. Well now you're one of Jesus' brightest stars. Sing, sing, sing your songs to Him.

Love You Forever, Mamaw


Heather & I

We've known each other since kindergarten. From that day on, we knew we were going to be "Best Friends" Forever. We had alot of memories together. Almost every Sunday after *Church*, I would go to her house, we would go in her playroom get her baby dolls, and we would pretend that we were both Mom's and we were sisters. Danielle would either be my daughter or Heather's. I really miss those memories. There was another time when I went to her house and we were playing dolls, and we decided we wanted to go swimming, but I didn't have my bathing suit with me, so she was so kind & generous, she let me borrow one of hers. Then, myself, Heather and Danielle would make up a cheer, like a cheerleader only in the pool. We showed Kim and she seemed to like it alot. I was happy to have a friend like Heather. It was like she would spend the night at my house, and then open her home to me. Heather was always such a sweet friend. I always talk to her at night, I tell her that I will see her soon. I say, "Thanks Heather for being the Best Friend of my dreams, UR a dream come true". I pray for her family all the time. She made me feel like we would always be friends forever, no matter what happened. Here she dies, and I know we are still Best Friends. It's strange because I still see her from a view at the corner of my eye, but when I turn my head, she's gone. That's how I know she is watching over me. Sometimes I still hear her lovely voice. I never thought the day would come when she died. I told my Mom, when I die can I be buried next to Heather? She said, "We will see." I love Jesus as much as she does. I guess Jesus thought it was the time to take her, I kind of think it was too early. But no matter what happens, she will always be my BEST FRIEND,

Love, Sherrie Chrisitano


Heatherís cousin Ashley read this at her memorial:

I saw her today, oh god I miss her smile, a pleasant memory of things in life worthwhile. I thought of her today of years well spent, a pleasant memory of places that we went. We used to walk, and we used to talk, we used to laugh, we used to cry and there will always be a place for her in my heart. The times we had together I will never forget. I can remember many times we had. Taking a walk up to 7 eleven, or the long girl chats in bed. Despite the age difference, Heather and I were connected. I was drawn to her. She was drawn to me. The innocence in her heart and soul taught me there is so much more to life. Heathers life will live on through me, through all of us. She has made a humongous impact for such a small girl. Although small at size, Heather had the biggest heart and the most beautiful soul. Heather loved life so much. I found myself asking why? Why Heather? But I have realized Jesus needed her more than we did and she is now our guardian angel.
Heather you will always in our hearts.

I love you sweetheart... Cousin Ashley


Heather, I am just writing to thank you for taking in a stray cat not all that long ago. That little grey and white cat, Daisey Mae, keeps me and Marvin company every night. Everytime I look at her I think about you. I try to remember to look at the gifts I've been given. Things here aren't the same since you left, but you are still making a difference, and you always will!
Luv, Missy & Marvin


Hi there Heather.
I want to tell you, you don't know me (well you might now that you are an angel), but I am so sorry for what you had to go through with surgeries and all. You see, I have a little girl named Tahne ("Tawney"). Tahne is now almost 16, but she has lived with Tetralogy of Fallot since she was born too. She has two pacemakers right now! We fear -- like you wouldn't believe -- a similar situation to what you went through. I don't know how our family would ever get through that. I just pray that your family can take some comfort and know how proud other heart Moms are of you and your family. We want you to know that we feel what you felt and what you family feels. I want to tell you that your story made me want to go home and spend more time with my daughter. To stop being so mad at her all the time because of her behavior. To cherish her for who she is and not who I hope her to be one day (she's quite the handful for a teenager). Her time may be short as well. Please watch over her. Thank you.
See you in Heaven!


Dear Heather,
I know that as i am writting you this letter, you are reading it. The first time I saw you i knew that I wanted to be your friend.
I wish your family well.
*God Bless*


Hi baby girl,
I have your picture at my desk. I look at your pretty little face every day. I sure miss you but I'm sure you are doing just fine. You are in my thoughts every day.
Love you Heather Mae
Auntie "B"



Hi Baby:
I sit here missing you so much it hurts.
Everyday is a struggle, but with my faith
and Gods Promise "I will See You Again", I am able to
function day by day and make you so proud of me.
Heather the day you left us was the saddest day of my life,
but even in my sadness I celebrated your happiness...
now holding the hands of Jesus our LORD and SAVIOR
and seeing the beauty of HEAVEN.
You touched so many lives
in your short 11 years with us.
At your memorial people commented
at how beautiful your
spirit was and how much more so
now that you are our Guardian Angel.
Heather we are so PROUD of you.
You made the most of your life here on Earth
and I am sure with your passing and the beauty
of your spirit, you brought so much glory
to the LORD, not to mention
the people that are now looking at their own faith.
Baby I look forward to the day
when I hold you in my arms again,
and kiss you and tell you how much I love you.
Until that day, watch over us baby,
and take special care of your sister.
She struggles everyday without you,
you were/are her strength
and I know that you are guarding her
and taking care of her.

Love Always


Dear Heather,
I never knew you, but I think you know
my little granddaughter, Allison who went
to be with Jesus on June 16, 1996.
She was just 9 years old,
but by now, you have met her, haven't you?
She loved to play with Barbie Dolls, games,
and things that had parts you had to put together.
I can just see you and my granddaughter,
Allison playing hop-scotch,
ring-around- the-rosy, and playing dress-up.
She had an infectious smile, just like you
and will you tell her that we miss her and love her
with all our hearts, but that someday,
we will join her in Heaven.
We will get to meet you too!
Have fun with Allison, and as you two
run through a field of sunflowers,
pick one and give it to Allison, as sunflowers
were her favorite flower.
You were so loved sweet- heart, and you will
never know the pain your family feels
after losing you, but that is the good part.
In Heaven, there is no pain!
(affectionately known as Nana)



I can see you in HEAVEN with all the
HEAVENLY ANGELS gathering for a big birthday bash.
I can see that great big smile on your face,
and the LORD JESUS holding your hand.
Baby, we all wish you were spending your birthday
with us, but we know that you will be in our hearts
as we will celebrate your birthday here on earth,
just as you celebrate in HEAVEN.
Heather, we all miss you so much,
somtimes the pain is almost unbarable,
but with our faith and God's promise
that we will see you again,
we are able to live day by day.
Danielle sends her love to her Big Sister
on this your 14th birthday.
She will turn 11 on Jan. 18th,
so please be with her Sweetie,
guide her and protect her as you are now
our Guardian Angel....
And what a beautiful Angel you are.
Heather you are so loved and so missed
by your family, and we are all
so PROUD of you....
"Jesus" take care of her for us,
until we are all reunited in HEAVEN FOREVER :)

Love You Always "My Girl"


MY BEST FRIEND 12/10/2004

The one I grew up with
The one that always made me smile
The one that always encouraged me
The one that always picked me up when I was down

She always was the funniest out of everyone
She always shone the brightest
She always had the biggest smile on her face

As I look back at all the good memories we had together
You were the friend that mattered most
You will always and forever be in my heart

I really hope you know I will never forget the great
friendship we had together
I know your with me every step of the way
You will always be my best friend, Heather....

Created By:
Mimi Williams
© 2004 All Rights Reserved



Heather Honey, I know that there will
be a GRAND celebration in Heaven.
I know that great big smile of yousr will
radiate the Heavens. I can see you
now with all the ANGELS singing
"Happy Birthday" and Jesus holding
your hand as you blow out your birthday
candles. Oh how I wish I could be there
with you. I want you to know, and in my
heart I know you do. I LOVE YOU AND
As you celebrate in Heaven with Jesus
and all the ANGELS, we will celebrate
the wonderful day that you came into
our lives. We will celebrate the impact
on all the lives you touched with you
wonderful and loving spirit and soul.
Life is not the same without you baby
but I hold on to the fact that we will
as a FAMILY. We all know that you are
waiting for us, just as we wait to hold
you in our arms again. Stay close to
your baby sister and guide her always.




"Happy Valentines Day"

"My Girl"
Heather sweetie, this is the 4th Valentines Day
I have to celebrate without holding you.
But "My Girl", I do hold you close in my heart.
I can only Image what Heaven must look like,
with all the beautiful Angels that live there.
If I could have anything for Valentines Day,
it would be to hold you in my arms again,
but I know I would never let you go.
I miss you so much baby,
so as we celebrate our loved ones
here on earth, I will be celebrating my Beautiful,
Lovely, Wonderful, Sweet Girl Heather Mae
up in Heaven,
and my Beautiful, Lovely, Wonderful, Sweet Girl
Danielle Anne here on Earth.
God Blessed me with such Sweetie Angels.
Heather, I know you wait for us in Heaven,
so "My Girl" send down some of your angel Kisses
to your family as we will be
sending our Kisses you way :)
We LOVE and MISS you so much,
and look forward to the day
we are ALL a family again.
Jesus, watch over our ANGEL,
let her know how much she means to us ALL.

Love And Kisses Always
Your Family
"Mommy, Daddy & Sissy"


Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie.
I just want to wish you a Sweet Sixteenth Birthday
and to let you know how very much I love you and miss you.
I know you will be having the best birthday yet
up in Heaven with Jesus and all your friends.
You are such a precious angel to your Nana
and I will always be so very proud of you for everything you've done.
Have a wonderful birthday and Nana will be thinking
and singing Happy Birthday to you tomorrow.

Always in my heart,
with Love,hugs and kisses.
Love you,


Happy 16th Birthday "My Girl"
Heather today is your 16th birthday
I am sure the angels are going to
celebrate with a GRAND Birthday Party.
I am sure that JESUS will be holding your
hand and celebrating with you, as I wish
I was celebrating with you.

Heather I can only imagine how
beautiful you will look. I know that you
would have been the most beautiful 16th
year old on earth, but I also know that you
are the most beautiful 16 year old Angel in Heaven.

We still struggle day to day without you,
but we know in our hearts that you are
save, protected and beautiful. And that
you wait for us in Heaven holding the hand
of our loving savior Jesus.

I hope you have the happiest birthday in
Heaven, and celebrate your life and your
faith. We will celebrate your 16th birthday
here on earth without you, but in our HEARTS
we will be celebrating your 16th birthday in HEAVEN with you.

We love you and miss you so much each
and everyday. Danielle misses her BIG
Sister, but she knows that you are her guardian
angel and are always by her side.
She will celebrate her 13th birthday next week
so be with her "MY GIRL", in heart and spirit and faith.

Mommy, Daddy & Sister Danielle


Heather "My Girl"
Well baby, its been another long and
very sad year without you. We are
approaching what would be
your 17th birthday. I know you would have
been a lovely young lady. I know that
you are a beautiful angel. I know that
you are in a better place. But even
knowing all of that my heart ACHES
each and everyday, my arms LONG to
hold you again. My EARS miss hearing
your lovely voice. But my heart knows
that I will see you again, one day in
Heaven you will be at the gates waiting
for me, to welcome me HOME.

Have a grand celebration in Heaven with
all the Lord Jesus and all of his Angels,
and know that your Family celebrates your
life here on Earth with you in our hearts.
As heavy are our hearts are, they are over flowing
with love for you "My Girl"

Heather we ALL miss you so much, you
are and always will be so loved, and so
missed. Have a WONDERFUL Birthday
my Girl....

We Love & Miss You Always
Dad, Mom, Your Baby Sister Danielle
Nana, Zelda & All Your Family


I am stopping by to tell you that I miss you so much.
This time of year is very hard on all of us, but we know you are here
watching over us like you always did. I love you baby girl.
I know you have been with me all these years,
I really wish you could be here to see Dylan
I show him your picture and tell him all the funny things we used to do
(don't worry I wont tell your mom :)). Anyways sweetie I love you and
save some room up there for me.
cant wait to see you again.
( You better not be taller than me.)


Hi Sweetie Girl
Well, it's been 6 years today since you went to be with our Lord.
I really miss you still. I miss your smile and the love you had for everyone.
I know you're in the loving arms of Jesus and he's holding you close.
We will all be together some day and what a glorious day that will be.
Until then, know that I think about you often
and be waiting for me when I get there.
Love Always


"Happy 18th B-Day"
My Girl
Heather, today is your 18th Birthday,
what a grand celebration you must be having in Heaven.
I know that the angels and our Sweet Jesus
are singing beautiful Birthday wishes to you.
We your family wish we were celebrating with you,
but we know that you are with us always.
We will celebrate your special day here on earth
without you here, but with you in our hearts.
Heather we are all so proud of you. We know that you wait
for us in Heaven, and what a glorious day it will be
when we are all a family again. There is not one day that goes by
that I don't think of your Sweet Face, your Beautiful Voice
and your inspirational Faith in our Lord Jesus.
Knowing you are in his arms, and waiting for us all
when we get to Heaven is what gets me through day by day.
I cherish God's promise that I will see you again.
So Sweetie until that day - Happy 18th Birthday :)
Love You Always
Miss You Forever
Mom, Dad & Sissy


Heathers Story


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